Our Vision

A humane world for people and animals.

Our mission

Creating and supporting mutually beneficial connections between people and animals through programs that raise awareness and inspire kindness and respect throughout our community.

Our Guiding Principles:

Respect. Protect. Connect.



We believe that all people and animals have value and are worthy of respect.

Through visionary programs and lifesaving partnerships, we protect pets, wild animals and wild places, and provide resources that safeguard mutually beneficial relationships between people and animals.



We believe it is our responsibility to protect animals and to preserve relationships between people and animals that improve the wellbeing of both.

We provide information, advice and training so people can learn to interact positively with animals, in the knowledge that awareness leads to understanding, empathy, and respect, not only for animals but also for one another.



We recognize that people who experience positive interactions with animals are happier and healthier and have higher levels of empathy and respect for others.  We believe these are the building blocks of a humane community.

By facilitating meaningful engagement and supporting positive relationships between people and animals, we will create a kinder, more humane community, where together, people and animals thrive.

Girl and dog in field4.jpeg