You and your pet

Let's face it.  You want the bond between you and your pet to be unbreakable.  

But you didn't expect to have to deal with holes chewed in your walls or furniture, urine on your carpet, barking/meowing at odd hours of the day or night or aggressive behavior directed at your friends and family.


Here's the bad news:  these problematic behaviors are often the result of your pet being frustrated, bored or simply confused because they don't understand what we want them to do.


Here's the good news:  simply improving the communication and building a trusting relationship between you and your pet will often solve many of these problems.  


And here's the GREAT news:  Anderson can help you resolve these issues, and it might be simpler than you think.  If you've got a pet with a more complex problem, we can help with that too. 

Training Classes
Dr. Andy Salis, Anderson's Animal Behavior Program Director, is offering two training classes. All classes will be held at The Water Bowl, located at 321 Stevens Street, Suite Y in Geneva.

Classes start the week of July 26 and will include 6 classes over 7 weeks (No classes during the week of August 9). Cost is $150 (if the animal you are registering was adopted from Anderson Humane, we offer a discounted rate of $100).
Class Options
Puppy Preschool (under 6 months) *
This 6 week class will provide young dogs with a positive reinforcement foundation. 

Classes will be held Tuesdays July 28 through September 7 from 6pm - 7pm. There will not be class on August 10. 

Basic Manners (over 6 months) *
This 6 week class will help dogs over 6 months of age learn desirable behaviors.

Classes will be held Wednesdays July 28 through September 8 from 6pm - 7pm. There will not be class on August 11.
* After registration, proof of up to date vaccinations and a recent negative fecal test will be required.

Free Behavior Helpline

A Sound Beginning Training

NOT EVERY WAG MEANS THEY’RE GLAD – Learn what your dog is saying by understanding the communication and language of dogs AND learn what YOU can do to help your dog understand YOUR language!

CLICKS and TREATS – How to begin training to establish a trusting relationship by using positive reinforcement.

MINE! – Learn how to prevent a dog from guarding things of value and what to do if you need to take something away.

WHO IS THAT? – Teach your dog to be comfortable around new people, places, other animals, and cope with changes in their environment.

Free training classes are now available in a virtual format. Learn to train your dog from the comfort of your own home. For a class schedule, and to register, select button below.