Together, we can change lives.

The first-of-its-kind in animal welfare, the mission of Anderson Humane will focus on mutually beneficial relationships between people and animals. All animals are worthy of respect, and we encourage people to experience the power of human-animal connections. Through awareness, programming, support, and positive connections, Anderson Humane will work toward creating a kinder and more empathetic community for people and animals to thrive.

Animals need our voice.

We hold the power to save their lives.

We have the resources to provide them with the care they need and deserve.


What we look forward to achieving with excellence in the future:

  • Providing care and resources for a larger variety of animals such as horses, birds, and what we call "little critters".

  • Offering services that help families keep their animals healthy and safe with more accessible and affordable means of training, medical care, and temporary shelter for people going through difficult transitional periods in their lives.

  • Engaging our community with far more opportunities to better understand and experience the mutually beneficial connection animals provide; to heal us, encourage us, and improve our lives.

 Stay in touch. Anderson Humane has just begun the journey to create several ground-breaking program and connection opportunities that will not only change the animal welfare industry, but change the lives of animals and people in our community.  The future of our community is filled with extraordinary possibilities that starts todayJoin us on our journey!