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Foster Program

Although our community no longer struggles with pet overpopulation, the same cannot be said for many parts of the southern United States.  In these areas, the number of homeless pets far exceeds the number of people willing to adopt, and so shelters are overwhelmed with incoming animals that have little hope of being adopted.   


For nearly a decade, Anderson has partnered with shelters in states like Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee, transporting adoptable dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens to Anderson.  We are proud of our partner organizations and we remain committed to helping them save homeless pets and solving their community's pet overpopulation problem


Foster volunteers open their hearts and their homes,
providing the TLC these animals need to become ready for adoption. 



Anderson provides all of the medical care and food, as well as most of the supplies foster families need to care for their foster animals.  

If you have questions about becoming a foster, email fosters@ahconnects.org

We'll provide the supplies and veterinary care.

You provide the love.

Is Foster Care For You?

Dogs and Puppies

We need foster homes to provide care for puppies and adult dogs transported to Anderson from our partner groups. They range in age from newborn pups who usually (but not always) have their mom with them, to weaned pups and adults who just need to stay in their foster home for 2 weeks so we can make sure they're healthy. Anderson staff will vaccinate, de-worm and provide flea/tick treatments. Once they're old enough, our veterinarian will spay or neuter them, and then they'll be ready to come back to the shelter for adoption. The more foster homes we have, the more lives we can save!

Ready to get started? 

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Cats and Kittens

We are always in need of fosters for adult cats and/or kittens. Each spring, summer and fall, the shelter is inundated with kittens! We call this "kitten season" and we need foster homes to care for these tiny feline babies until they are ready for adoption, usually for a period about 2 weeks. During "kitten season," we may receive more than a litter of kittens each day - we need lots of fosters! As with all of our fosters, Anderson will provide all the veterinary care, food and as many of the supplies as we have available. You provide the love!

Ready to get started? 

"Diamonds in the Ruff"

Our Behavior Team is seeking behavioral foster families to help train dogs that are part of our Behavior Program, that need out-of-the-shelter time in a loving home.  A minimum commitment of 7 days is needed. You will be matched with a dog that suits your lifestyle and you will receive training from our Behavior Team that focuses on positive reinforcement and Fear Free training methods.  The Behavior Team will be there to support you all the way. Some of the more common behavior issues are fearfulness; mild resource guarding; leash reactivity; mouthing issues and separation anxiety.

If you can open your heart and home to one of these special dogs please contact our Behavior Team at (847) 697-2880, ext. 50.