Fundraising Tips

So you've decided to

raise money and awareness

of Anderson Animal Shelter's



Here are some easy ways

YOU can help!


Fundraising Tips:

Set your fundraising goal. Give yourself something to aim for and don't underestimate yourself! Many people who set a goal, raise more money than they thought they could!

Create your personal fundraising page. After registration, you'll be asked to create a fundraising team - it's easy and allows you to show people your love for animals! Upload a picture and share why you love your pet or want to support animals! 

Make the first donation. Studies have shown that people are more likely to donate once they see that you have also donated. 

Share your goal with others! Send an email to 20 people, share a post on your Facebook or Instagram page and invite friends to help you reach your goal. A personal request always goes a long way. Don't forget to tell people why you are walking to help animals in need! Did you adopt a pet? Do you volunteer? Did a pet touch your life? People want to know about you and what is important to you. Update your fundraising page with your personal story and photo about why this cause is important to you! 


Create a Facebook fundraiser. The average Facebook Fundraiser receives 8 donations! Belong to a community group? Share it on their group page for additional exposure! However, make sure to respect the rules of each group, as some have rules against fundraising. Ask your network of friends and family to make $5 - $20 donations. Most people are happy to make a small donation even if they haven't spoken to you since high school!

Ask about matching gifts. Many companies match their employees' donations. Ask your donors if their company will match their gift. Your donation can have double the impact!


Get organized. Host a virtual get-together with your team! A Zoom coffee break or a Facebook Messenger happy hour are great ways to discuss all your creative ideas to collectively reach your team goal.

Recognize and celebrate wins. People love to be recognized and they love to celebrate. Check if your team members are comfortable having their accomplishments shared with the whole team, or if they’d rather their wins be shared anonymously. Either way, make sure everyone on the team knows that the team as a whole is doing great things. We'll be showcasing top teams and top individual fundraisers, we hope to see YOUR name in the ranks!

How to raise $150 in 5 minutes:

Step 1:

Call, Email or Text 3 of your closest friends and/or family members to ask for just a $25.00 donation.

The people closest to you are more likely to support the things you love! Don't take it personally if they can't make the donation, just move on to Step 2! If you were successful, you've just raised $75.00 and are already half way there!

Step 2:

Get on your favorite social media platform.

Ask 10 people to donate just $10 each.

Anderson Animal Shelter has positively connected pets and people for over 50 years in the Fox Valley. You may be surprised to find many people you know, have adopted a pet from Anderson and would be happy to give back! If you were successful, you've just raised $150.00!

Every dollar makes a huge difference in allowing Anderson Animal Shelter to save the lives and care for more cats, dogs and wildlife. Asking for smaller donation amounts from more people, will improve the likelihood of them saying "yes". And remember, it feels good to give! When people can give easily, they will feel great about being able to help. 

A special THANK YOU to our fundraising sponsor!
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