Adoptions have been temporarily suspended.

In accordance with the Governor's Stay at Home order, we have temporarily suspended adoptions.  We are investigating options to safely allow adoptions on a limited basis. 

Click for more information about Anderson's COVID-19 response. 

The pets at Anderson Animal Shelter may be homeless for now, but you can change that. They're tiny, they're huge, they've got freckles, spots and stripes, they're young and they're young-at-heart. Each of our adoptable pets is beautiful, unique and wonderful in his or her own way.

They've come to us for a variety of reasons. Some of them are with us because their owner died or became too ill to care for them. Some were surrendered by owners who were moving to non-pet friendly housing. Others are the result of an unwanted litter of puppies or kittens, and some simply got lost and were never reunited with their owners. No matter why they're at the shelter, they all deserve a second chance to feel loved and part of a forever family.




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We trust and respect you. Don't expect an inquisition. We don't require you to bring every member of your household in to meet your new pet before adoption, though you're welcome to bring anyone you choose (including the kiddos). We do require an adult (over 18) to complete and sign the adoption paperwork, as the adoption contract is a legal document.


We also don't require you to bring your current pet(s) to the shelter to meet your new pet. New research shows that this can provide false information and can be stressful for everyone involved. If you do want to bring your pet to the shelter, go right ahead. You know your pet better than we do, and we trust that you'll make the decision that is right for him or her. 


If you've owned pets before, we know you know what you're doing. We'll simply help you find the pet who will fit best with your lifestyle and family. We'll provide you with any information you need to get up-to-speed on training and general animal care. If you feel confident with the knowledge you already have, that's fine too.  We're here to help you and your new pet!


If you've never owned a pet before - great! WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF FURRY, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  We'll happily impart as much advice as you desire, to ensure a successful adoption - and then we'll send you home with the furry love of your life!


Because our adoptable animals come from a variety of backgrounds, we may have a little or a lot of information about the pet you choose (or the pet who chooses you). We'll provide you with everything we know medically and behaviorally about your new pet.

We strongly advocate for utilizing positive reinforcement training methods only with your new pet.  The latest research does not support using any type of aversive methods to train your new family member. In fact, aversive methods commonly cause unintended behavioral problems. Positive reinforcement training methods have been proven to be far more effective at training your pet.  When we know better, we do better!  We'd love to share our knowledge and resources with you--just ask!

After the adoption, we'll do anything we can to help you with any medical or behavioral concerns you may have relating to your adopted pet. We'll provide medication free of charge, if your pet becomes ill within two weeks of adoption. Please let us know immediately, if you have any concerns whatsoever, and we'll help you resolve them whenever possible.


Adoption related inquiries can be directed to Emily Sokolnik at or (847) 697-2880 ext 34.


Anderson Animal Shelter receives no government support. Adoption fees help cover the cost of care for our animals. Some animals arrive at the shelter with severe medical or behavioral issues and require extensive care which can be quite costly.

We greatly appreciate your willingness to adopt, rather than purchasing from a pet store, and for your support of homeless pets.

Our variable adoption pricing allows us to ensure high-quality care for every one of our animals. Higher adoption fees for those pets who will be adopted quickly helps offset the cost of care for those who require longer stays at the shelter and more intensive care before they can be adopted.

Adoption fees for all animals are based on a variety of factors. Please check the specific animal's information for their adoption fee.


All cat adoption fees include:


The estimated value of these services is $495!

If you did not bring a cat carrier, a cardboard carrier is available for cats for an additional fee of $5.

All dog adoption fees include:


In addition, every dog adopted from us will receive a FREE A Sound Beginning Program's Introduction to Training class plus $75 off A Sound Beginning full program enrollment.

The estimated value of these services is $550!




Come visit our adoptable pets at one of our three adoption centers during adoption hours. You can view an online listing of all our adoptable pets here on our website by clicking one of the links below. These listings are updated real-time. That means that as soon as an animal becomes available for adoption, he or she will appear on the website. Once they're adopted, the animal's listing is automatically removed from the site.


Once you get to the shelter, stop at the reception desk and fill out a quick survey telling us about your lifestyle and what you're looking for in a pet so we can better match you with a pet who will meet your expectations.


Spend as much time as you can with each pet you're considering for adoption. Our adoption staff and volunteers will be there to answer any questions you may have. We want to help you find the pet who is the best fit for you.


Once you've chosen (or been chosen by) one of our adoptable pets, our adoption staff will explain the adoption contract to you. Please feel free to ask questions. We want you to feel completely comfortable with the adoption. You'll then be asked to pay the appropriate adoption fee via cash, checks or credit card.


You're done! Go home and enjoy your new pet!



Ready to adopt? Before you bring your new dog home, we highly recommend following the "A Sound Beginning" program to ensure a stress-free transition from the shelter into your home! This program is an innovative training program designed specifically with the newly adopted shelter dog in mind.

You can read an excerpt from the book, Adopting a Dog? Start off right with…
A Sound Beginning
, which includes advice on bringing your new dog home, how to make the car ride home less stressful and what to do when you arrive home with your new dog.


The links below will provide information about house training, crate training and introducing your new pet to your current pet(s):

House Training »

Crate Training »

Introducing a new cat to your home »

Introducing a new cat to your dog »

Introducing a new cat to your cat »

Introducing a new dog to your dog »

Please remember, we're here to help you. We are committed to doing everything we can to assist you as your new pet adjusts. Please contact Emily Sokolnik, our Customer Service Manager, if you have any concerns about your new pet. Emily can be reached at or (847) 697-2880 ext 34.


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