It is an unfortunate fact that some animals have a rougher start than others. Due to their experiences, these animals might exhibit signs of defensiveness or fearfulness but that doesn’t mean they can’t become wonderful pets. Anderson is here to help these animals. Using only positive reinforcement, our Behavioral Training Program works intensively to instill trust and confidence. Every animal deserves a second chance.

Many people are unaware of the serious commitment Anderson Humane takes to ensure that all animals can thrive in a loving home. Anderson invests heavily in various measures that provide extra care for harder-to-adopt animals needing special attention and training. One of the main reasons for local animal relinquishments to Anderson is due to animals displaying behavioral issues. To address this issue in our community, Anderson has developed a comprehensive behavioral program devoted to helping animals and families stay together and thrive physically and emotionally.



Anderson does not condone the usage of aversive and punishment-based training methods. Aversive and punishment-based methods are not effective long-term and can cause increased fear, mistrust, negative association, and aggression.



We're proud to offer a variety of training programs to pet owners in the community. We also keep a list of trainers that we've worked with and openly endorse.



Anderson Humane is proud to partner with A Sound Beginning, an innovative dog-training program designed for the newly adopted dog. When you adopt your new dog or puppy from Anderson, you will receive FREE enrollment in A Sound Beginning’s Introduction to Training class.



Anderson Humane is actively working toward becoming a fear free environment. The practice of fear free methods help reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in the animals we care for at all of our locations. Committed to providing the best possible experience for all animals in our care, we keep the physical and emotional well-being of every animal at the forefront of all we do. From the way animals are handled, walked and fed, to the type of cages and housed at all locations, we ensure that the animalsWe are proud to boast that most of our staff and volunteers are currently fear free certified.

Anderson Humane is continually updating training resources, best practices, local recommendations, and enrichment activities you can do at home. Check back often or follow us on our social media platforms to stay informed on ways we can thrive physically and emotionally, together.

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Behavior Program Manager

Dr. Andy Salis, EdD, MS, CPDT-KA, FFAT, SBA

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