About Anderson Humane

Bringing people and animals together, for good.



We are proud of our lifesaving legacy.  For more than 50 years, Anderson has been the leading animal welfare organization in our community, saving the lives of over 80,000 homeless dogs and cats through adoption.  


Animals and people together, are better.


A one-of-a-kind animal welfare organization, Anderson Humane will focus on creating and supporting mutually beneficial relationships between people and animals.  Current programming such as our Adoption Program, Military Veterans’ Program and Healing Paws Pet Therapy Program create positive, impactful connections between people and animals, improving the lives of both.   Future programs will be offered in partnership with human-service organizations throughout our community, maximizing impact and changing lives for the better. 


Anderson Humane will be a resource for pet owners, providing information and services that allow them to provide better care for their pets.  Services such as our Low-Cost Vaccination, Dental and Spay/Neuter Clinics provide affordable veterinary care options, preventing owners from having to give up their pet simply because they can’t afford care.  On the horizon are additional programs aimed at keeping pets in homes, such as a pet food pantry, affordable pet training options and temporary housing for pets when families are in crisis.


Our expanded mission includes all animals.


  • Wildlife.  In March of 2020, Anderson merged with Fox Valley Wildlife Center, expanding our animal care programming to include injured and orphaned wild animals.  More info.

  • Little Critters.  We have begun to accept "little critters" such as hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, etc. on a limited basis.  Until we have the resources to house these special pets in our facilities, they will be cared for in foster homes until adopted.  We are currently seeking foster volunteers to provide care for these pets.  More info about our Foster Program.

  • Parrots and other pet birds.  Many parrot species are long-lived and highly intelligent.  Some can live up to 80 years, and often outlive their owners.  There are few resources for these wonderful pets, and Anderson is committed to changing that.  We are seeking experienced parrot fosters, to provide care and training for homeless parrots and other pet birds.  More info about our foster program.

  • Horses.  Through a partnership with the Field of Dreams Horse Rescue and Adoption Program, Anderson will promote the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of homeless horses.  Through a partnership with HorsePower Therapeutic Riding Program, we will help make the therapeutic riding experience available to even more people, harnessing the healing power of the horse.




We believe that all people and animals have value and are worthy of respect.

We provide information, advice and training that helps people understand how to interact more effectively with animals, in the knowledge that awareness leads to understanding, empathy, and respect, not only for animals but also for one another.



We believe it is our responsibility to protect animals and preserve relationships that improve the wellbeing of both people and animals.

Through visionary programs and lifesaving partnerships, we protect pets, wild animals and wild places, and provide resources that safeguard mutually beneficial relationships between people and animals.



We recognize that people who experience positive interactions with animals are happier, healthier and have greater empathy and respect for others. 

By facilitating meaningful engagement and supporting positive relationships between people and animals, we will create a kinder, more humane community, where together, people and animals thrive.

A humane world for people and animals.


Creating mutually beneficial connections between people and animals through programs that raise awareness and inspire kindness, empathy and respect throughout our community.


veterinary care for:


community pets through Anderson's low-cost veterinary clinics.

Provided care for
wild animals:


brought to us from the community after being injured or found orphaned.

forever homes for:


dogs, cats, puppies, 
and kittens.